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Thanks so much for making it possible for George & me to travel in retirement with confidence that Annie & Daisy are well cared for in our absence. PS: Thank Cora for us!


Sue & George

Thank you so much for your fabulous care of all our pets. Having 5 different pets, they were very well taken care of. Thank you for the special attention and time you spent with them! They and the house looked great. The animals are so calm and happy!


Thanks so much Mary Beth. As usual we came home to two happy kitties!


Medical Issues:

I can't thank you enough for your outstanding care of T. I hate to think what might have happened to him had you not found the baggie with the remaining vitamins. There are no words adequate to express what it meant to me that you spent Thursday night with him! He's doing just fine now. Thank you so much for everything.



I need to thank you for suggesting that Greta might have hyperthyroid disease. I took her to the vet yesterday for tests and her thyroid is triple what it should be. She has lost 25% of her body weight in 2 years. I thought she was just getting old and fragile. She started medication today.

Thank you so much,


From the Dog!:

Thank you for playing with me, taking me on walks, and letting me get dirty. I love mud!

- Love,


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